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Entering your ideas: The first thing you will usually want to do when starting a writing project is choose a theme and then write down all your ideas related to that theme. Brainstorming is a critical part of the writing process. In Writer’s Companion we make this very easy to do. 1. First click on the button labeled New Ideas. There are two ways to create new Idea Boxes.

A. Using the New Idea Button: Each time you click on this button, it will create a new idea text box where you have placed the cursor. Write each idea you have about your theme in an individual text box. This will allow you manipulate your ideas later.

B. Hitting Enter (Return for Macs): Simply hitting the Return or Enter key will create a new Idea Box next to the one you are working in. This is faster, but you cannot control where the boxes go.

2. Some ideas will be details, main ideas or conclusions, don’t worry about that yet just keep writing. When you are finished writing down all your ideas related to the topic you are writing about, click on the Organize button to start organizing your ideas
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