Objective Oriented
Lesson Specific Clip Art

The PerfectCompanion for Writer's Companion
  All of the art on this site can be imported directly into Writer's Companion with the touch of a button!
  Stop wasting time looking for suitable teacher graphics. Clip Art for teachers features THOUSANDS of curriculum based, objective oriented, lesson specific clip art.

  Each graphic is available in JPEG or BMP format. Many are available in outline form. Some of the science and social studies graphics feature labeled and unlabeled versions.
  Clip Art for Teachers allows educators to sample hundreds of graphics for free. We open the entire collection to educators for low yearly subscription fee of $29.95. Click here to check it out.

Maps, famous leaders, inventors and inventions, critical historical moments and other great original art.

Graphics for all sciences at every grade level. Detailed graphics carefully labeled to help visualize difficult to understand concepts.

Story starters, clustering webs, scenes from famous literature.

Manipulatives, graphs, measurement tools, and much more.


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