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Worldwide Books - Exhibition Catalogues and Other Books on Art
Records for more than 37,000 exhibition and collection catalogues are presented in the database, including virtually all of the titles that have been made available over the years through Worldwide's library program. Individually selected on the basis of their value as art resources from the thousands of catalogues we have examined each year, these titles include a great majority of the most significant catalogues published over the past three decades by European and North American institutions, along with a vast array of other noteworthy titles.

National Portrait Gallery
The American nation has set aside a place to keep generations of remarkable Americans in the company of their fellow citizens: the National Portrait Gallery. It is the place where the arts tell the stories of lives lived across centuries of our experience as a society, a society that continually reinvents itself and continually tests its ideals. Through the visual arts, the performing arts, the literary arts, and the electronic arts, the National Portrait Gallery provides a stage for George Washington and Martin Luther King, for Marilyn Monroe and Babe Ruth, among thousands of others, to share with us who they were and what they mean to us.


The On-Line Pablo Picasso Museum

The Smithsonian

The Museum of Modern Art

The Los Angeles County Museum

The Textile Museum

The Whitney Museum of Art

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