Earth Science Reference Links

Arctic Theme Page
This Arctic Theme Page provides access to widely distributed Arctic data and information for scientists, students, teachers, academia, managers, decision makers and the general public.

Atlas of Paleo Vegetation
Preliminary land ecosystem maps of the world since the Last Glacial Maximum.

Dinosaur Extinction
The Asteroid Hypothesis

Columbia University's Bioshpere 2

Earth Resources Observation System
The world's leading source of land information for exploring our changing planet.

Global Change Master Directory
The GCMD offers descriptions of Earth science data sets using a specified set of information - known as the Directory Interchange Format (DIF).

National Geophysical Data
The National Geophysical Data Center's mission is data management in the broadest sense. We play an integral role in NOAA's environmental research and stewardship, and provide data services to users worldwide.

United States Geoplogical Survey

UN Atlas of the Oceans
Welcome to the United Nations Atlas of the Oceans
The Atlas is an information system designed for use by policy makers who need to become familiar with ocean issues and by scientists, students and resource managers who need access to underlying data bases and approaches to sustainability

Vocano World
The Web's Premier Source of Volcano Info.

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