History Reference Links

Africans in America
PBS series dealing with the history of European-African relations, the developement of the slave trade and it's subsequent legacy.

American Studies at the University of Virginia
One of the best places to start looking for interesting content on American History and Culture.

Best of History Web Sites
Created for students, history educators, and general history enthusiasts. Find sites, rated for usefulness and accuracy, that will help you study or teach a wide variety of topics and periods in History.

Biographical Dictionary
This dictionary covers more than 28,000 notable men and women who have shaped our world from ancient times to the present day.

Castle Eltz
If you lived in a fairy tale castle, you'd live here. For real.

Castles of Wales

Civil War Photographs

Chinese History for Beginners
A basic introduction to Chinese history to inform, enlighten, and attract netizens interested in China.

Cultures of North America
An extensive list of links to First Nations web sites.

Flag of the United States

The history and virtual tour of Jamestown.

Kiku.com and Electric Samurai

Lewis and Clark

More Lewis and Clark

Library of Congress

Mexico History - Student Teacher Resource Center
Bookstore with excellent materials on Aztec culture.


Middle Ages
Medium aevum -- Medieval or The Middle Ages. We think of knights in shining armor, lavish banquets, wandering minstrels, kings, queens, bishops, monks, pilgrims, and glorious pageantry. In film and in literature, medieval life seems heroic, entertaining, and romantic. In reality, life in the Middle Ages, a period that extended from approximately the fifth century to the fifteenth century in Western Europe, was sometimes all these things, as well as harsh, uncertain, and often dangerous.

Monarchs of England

New Perspectives on the West
The PBS series.

Panoramic Maps

Political Leaders in America 1840-1980
A comprehensive set of biographies with pictures of American political leaders. I like this one because it's well written and covers all aspects of American political life from our politicans to the people who may not have held political office, but none the less effected American political life.

Richard III
A web site! A web site! My kingdom for a website! Yo, Rickki!

Today in History
Features of historical note posted daily by the Library of Congress.

¡Soldados de Nueva España!
(Soldiers of New Spain)

Devoted to providing information via the World Wide Web which educates, inspires, and entertains visitors worldwide with the importance of Philadelphia historically and into the present.

World War I - Trenches on the Web
Multi-media content, great reference.

World War II
Comprehensive resource offered by the University of Louisville.

PBS presentation

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