Life Science Reference Links

Aquatic and Wetland Plants and Invasive Plants

Animal Diversity Webpage
A shortcut to the database at Kingdom Animalia.

A bank of digital resources for teaching biology

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Department of Anthropology at the California Academy of Sciences
This site provides access to collection data housed in the Department of Anthropology, California Academy of Sciences.

Human Body On Line


Kingdom Animalia
If you want the scientific name for any animal, find it here.

Los Angeles Arboritum

Mammals Species of the World
The Mammal Species of the World (MSW) contains the names of the 4,629 currently recognized species of mammals, in a taxonomic hierarchy that includes Order, Family, Subfamily, and Genus.

Plants, animals, or the physical environment of North America. Conservation, environmental protection, education, home and yard pests, butterflies, birds, weather, dinosaurs, biking, coloring books for kids, and anything else related to the great outdoors.


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