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Organizing your Ideas: In this format you will now take the ideas you have written down randomly and organize them. This part of the program allows you to use graphic organizers to put your ideas in a logical order. You have three options: Clustering (Webbing), Timeline, and Venn Diagram. The Clustering option is illustrated at left but each of these graphic organizers has its purpose.

• Clustering is the general-purpose method of graphically organizing any type of story or essay. Clustering is called by a number of names including webbing, but the essentials always remain the same: you identify your main ideas and then connect your details to them.

• Timelines can be used for any type of descriptive writing that is sequential in nature. Timelines are not the traditional type of timeline you are used to. It is a graphic organizer that is perfect for types of writing that are sequenced such as directions and recipes.

• Venn Diagrams are useful when you want to compare and contrast two concepts.Venn Diagram is the ideal format for doing compare and contrast essays.



Venn Diagram


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