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Getting Ready to Publish: Now that you have finished editing your document, you are ready to export it for layout in another program such as Microsoft Word, Quark or PageMaker. You can also add the finishing touches right in Writer's Companion™ and then publish it as a printed document, web page, poster or email.

In the Publishing format you have access to fonts, styles, page layouts and this is where you add your graphics. It works much like a simple page layout program. It allows you to add your graphics, make columns, and change your fonts like you would in regular page layout program.

Adding Graphics
You can add almost any type of graphic, from any source such as the web, scanner, clipart library, digital camera or your own creations from any draw or paint program.

Adding Columns
Here you can make your published document look like the pros. Adding columns allows to you publish anything from your term report to your school newsletter.

Importing and Exporting
In Writer’s Companion we have attempted to give you the flexibility you need to enhance your documents or leverage content you have already created in other programs.

Import and Export Text Files
In Writer’s Companion™ you can import any RTF or Text file. You can also easily export your work as an RTF file to import into another word processing program. If you are unfamiliar with types of text files, an RTF or Rich Text Format is a standard file that retains the font formatting.

Exporting Your Creations to HTML
From the Publish mode in Writer’s Companion you can export your document as a HTML page.

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