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Editing Your Rough Draft: Now is the time to edit your document. You can add transitions, edit spelling, change syntax, and get ready to move to the next step of publishing your final draft. You will have access to a variety of tools to assist you in the editing process including spell checking, thesaurus, dictionary, word count, readability and text-to-speech. Spell Checker
There is a built-in spell checker and thesaurus in Process Writer™. It works like most spell checkers you have used in other programs.

A thesaurus is an indispensable tool for every level of author.

Often students have heard vocabulary but are not quite sure what the meaning is. This especially important when they are using source materials for their writing which many times will contain unknown words.

Word Count
We included Word Count for obvious reasons, sometimes we ask students to write documents of a specific length.

Measure Readability
We included a readability measure because students love to get a score. I have personally found that many students can be motivated to use longer words, add adjectives and create more complex sentences, simply because it changes their grade level score on the readability scale.

Text to Speech
One of the most useful editing tools we have included in Writer’s Companion is text-to-speech. The ability to “hear” what you have written is an invaluable tool in finding your errors in spelling, syntax and grammar. You can choose from a variety of voices that are built-in to Writer’s Companion™. This allows you to control how your document sounds when it is being read.

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