Graphic Organizers


Write Design Online
A good overview of types of graphic organizers, gives you explanations of why you would use what type of organizer.
This site actually has programs that allow you to use five types of organizers on the web. You can then printout the results.

Scholastic Graphic Organizers
From one of the leading publishers in education, a site with PDFs of a variety of graphic organizers. The best site I have seen for ready made graphic organizers.

A California government sponsored site, with printable graphic organizers and good explanations.

Rubric Creators

This is a Department of Education site. It is by far the best rubric generator on the web.

Pen Pals

Start a project with another class, or just create a new friendship with someone on the other side of the globe. KeyPals Club is a free educational service from

Research Links
Check out our extensive research and source links list.

One Look Dictionary
It is just what the name implies. One search looks in dozens of online dictionaries.

Word Smyth
This dictionary is unique in that it provides extensive information about each word in a very clear format. It includes definitions, synonyms, related words, parts of speech, example sentences and more. I highly recommend this site for elementary students and up.

Visual Thesaurus
This site takes visual learning to its logical conclusion. Maybe not the site you would use to lookup words, but you will definitely want to take your students here.

The Rhyme Zone
It’s great for adding spice to your students’ compositions. Includes a Shakespeare Dictionary, A rhyming dictionary, entire famous documents and quotes from famous people including Douglas Adams.

Guide to Grammar and Writing
This is a comprehensive guide to grammar and writing. It includes everything from parts of speech with examples to guides to writing different types of compositions. It is primarily for secondary students.

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